Time/Date :It is currently 06:56 Pacific Time on Thu Apr 3 2008.

Place : Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is clear outside. The temperature is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.24 and steady, and the relative humidity is 92 percent. The dewpoint is 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (17% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.


A young man who may just be approaching his late teens, Zeke is not overly tall- topping off at about 5'10", and not overly muscled. He does look fit though, perhaps the kind of average physique that suggests an active lifestyle opposed to hours spent on the weight bench. His carriage is modest and without any aloofness about him, though he does not give the impression of being uncomfortable in his skin either.
His face is a oval rather than narrow, broad cheeked and with a wide, easy grin. A fair skinned complexion grants an even starker contrast for his jade-green eyes. The three-day stubble he wears seems to be planned rather than a show of laziness, or perhaps he just doesn't grow facial hair very well; regardless, the hair outlines over his lip and on the lowest part of his chin.
His clothes are simple and effective, and no matter what time of year it is, Zeke is found wearing long sleeve shirts and a wide variety of beanie hats- always worn down past the ears. His jeans appear well worn and loved, and his shoes are of the common Mall Shoestore variety. He's also a fond supporter of hooded sweatshirts and jackets- again, hood always up.
Also notable is that this individual is missing fingers on his left hand. The pinky finger is completely gone and the ring finger is missing down to the lowest knuckle.


Now in her early twenties, KL has lost much of the teenage stroppiness that characterised her younger self. It has been replaced by a slower burning, though still as fierce, intensity. She is still on the short side, standing perhaps 5'2" tall in her bare feet, and has a slightly built and slender frame, with a tight musculature that speaks of plentiful exercise. When she moves, she displays a compact grace, poise and balance. Even if she still occasionally slouches.
She has long, mid-brown - uncharitable people would say mousy - hair which she usually wears in a long plait that falls down between her shoulder-blades, secured at the top and the bottom with wide black leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. There's something off-putting about her, though - she has an aggressive posture, a tendency to glare at people - particularly people she doesn't know, and an air of barely-restrained violence.
She has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse.
Unless obscured by clothing, visible across her throat is a fairly horrendous scar, an angry stripe running from the bottom right corner until it terminates just below her jawline on the left side. More likely to be obscured is the scar in the small of her back, faded and older, but just as horrible.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.


This man looks to be in his mid-forties, but has done an admirable job at keeping his tall, long-limbed form fit. Standing at roughly six and a half feet tall, he falls to the lean side of the scale. However, his ease of motion and natural coordination rescues him from coming across as gangly.
A thick head of black hair is threaded with silver at the temples, more noticeably so due to the start of shaggy curls as it grows out of a shorter, neater style. He has a clear olive complexion with a few age lines; most of them like the laugh lines around his eyes and mouth the natural result of simply living. Dark, almond-shaped eyes broadcast a quiet humor from behind a pair of wire-frame glasses that perch on the bridge of a narrow nose. A thin face, it's kept from looking pinched by wide lips often pulled into a grin by some inner observation.
Around his long neck a small gold medallion with an intricate logo carved into it hangs at the base of his throat on a short gold chain. On his left wrist is a steel-tone Rolex of a simple, but masculine design. The top few buttons of his white linen button-down, short-sleeved shirt are left casually undone. The shirt's tailored cut emphasizes his wide shoulders that narrow into a trim waist where it is tucked neatly into his tan Dockers. The pants have an easy fit on long legs and are hemmed to fall just right over the top of a pair of black leather loafers.

It's early morning in the Fury House, and everyone knows what that means. Well, OK, usually it means fights, but it also means exercise of other sorts. KL, the Fury Ahroun, has just returned from morning run, and is leaning against one of the counters in the kitchen, drinking milk directly from the carton, dressed in a pair of white cycling shorts, a sweat-drenched t-shirt and a pair of trainers.

The stairs creak as a tired and groggy Zeke come down from them. A hand rubbing at his face as he tries to wake up, he tosses a nod toward his elder. "Morning KL."

"Morning, Zeke," The Fury Elder replies, lowering her carton of milk from her face, and leaving behind a "got milk" moustache. "How are you feeling this morning?" She pulls herself up, so that she's sitting on the counter rather than leaning against it, the heels of her trainers kicking lightly against the cupboard door beneath. "Ready to go up against more Ahrouns?"

Early morning, and Ladon is up and at 'em. He wears his usual dockers and white shirt - for him, it's a uniform - but over this he has his leather coat, a hat, a muffler ... it's cold out there! He's from the South! The things you do for love. He knocks on the door of the Greek House, map of St Claire in his hand, and what passes for the real estate section of this morning's paper, ready to tackle finding a home.

Zeke shakes his head, "Not likely, especially not likely if you are suggesting it be you." He turns when a knock lands on the door and hurries to adjust his hat and sleeves. "Expecting someone?" he asks of KL.

"Not really," KL replies, sliding off the counter again, and walking to open the door. When she sees who it is, outside, she grins, and beckons him in. "Ladon!" she says, "Come in! Come and meet Zeke!" She looks over her shoulder at the Metis. "Zeke, this is Ladon Stanti...Stan.. he's our new kin, and he can introduce himself."

Ladon has a bicycle, and he leaves this outside and shivers his way indoors. "Th--thank you, ma'am, I.. would be h-happy to do so." He smiles as he unwraps the muffler and removes his coat and hat. "Stanitopolis. Ladon Stanitopolis. It is a pleasure, sir." He nods to Zeke, once he gets rid of the chill that seems to have settled somewhere in his bones. "Is it going to warm up here?" He has to ask, and tries, really tries not to sound pitiful. At home he'd be wearing shorts and t-shirts by now.

Zeke looks from elder to kinfolk and seems to let out a bit of tension at the news. A hand comes out toward Ladon in the age old 'hand shake'. "Ezekiel Hess, just Zeke will be fine though Mr. Stanitopolis. As for the weather, it seems the seasons change from day to day. It'll be better soon."

The Ahroun, who *is* dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, looks a bit nonplussed as she closes the door. "It's not that cold at the moment," she says. "It hasn't snowed in ages, and you can't even really see your breath when you run. It's the rain that I don't like. Gets in your fur. I hate feeling bedraggled. Cold, though, that's fine." She looks at the two men, "Are you two going to attempt to out-defer to one another? If so, I'm getting popcorn."

Ladon has a 'professional' grip, firm but not crushing, as he returns the hand-shake. "Ladon is fine, sir. You'll have to forgive my formality, til I'm a little more comfortable in day-to-day dealings, I'm afraid. As I explained to Ms KL, it's been a long time." He has to grin at KL's comment, "If you sell tickets, I will have to insist on a percentage of the concession. And ma'am, compared to Mississippi right now, it's frigid. Positively Arctic. Particularly for a hot-house Southern boy on a bike." He wrinkles his nose, "I don't want to buy a car. Would you mind if I remained here until the sun comes up a little more and I can house-hunt?"

Zeke looks toward KL with a curious frown. "Out defer? What are you talking about?" He shakes his head with confusion and moves to the kitchen. "I could make up some oatmeal if you'd like something warm to eat. Or there is tea and coffee.

KL looks at the Metis, but doesn't answer his question. "You should tell Zeke about your business venture, Ladon," she says, throwing herself into a chair, and then shoving her feet onto another. "He'll be interested."

Ladon looks at Zeke like he's offered a sip from the Holy Grail, "Coffee? Coffee is good." He looks away a little, eyes wide as he apparently talks to himself, "Coffee is hot. I like coffee." He looks back to Zeke with a hopeful expresion. Yes, he's kidding, really. A bit more coherently, he adds, "Oh, I am to open a bookstore. It's been a lifelong dream of mine, and now that I'm on my own, I've decided to make it come true."

Zeke is busy getting the pot started, but KL's guess was right. The news of a bookstore turns him around with wide eyes. "A book store? That is amazing. A full blown book store, with all kinds of books, or specialty stuff?"

Ladon has to laugh, a fellow bibliophile! "Oh everything.. popular and not.. I'm thinking of opening a section for trade ins, where people bring their old books to trade for others they haven't read. Have a space for coffee and tea, with snacks, and an area for reading. Ideally, a place for me to live over the shop.. and perhaps a basement.. I'll take what I can get, and work with it."

The Fury Elder smiles at Zeke's reaction, instead putting her hands behind her head and relaxing. "I asked Ladon if we could use the store as a sort of base in the city. It always feels a bit odd crowding into Anji's flat," she comments.

Zeke nods to the man eagerly, "That sounds so incredible. I have a great love for books." He turns back to KL with a childlike grin on his face, a sort of 'omg did you hear what he said?' and nods. "That would be good too. A place to stop in the city."

Ladon continues to grin, shaking his head a little. He was a bit worried about his reception, but that seems to be disappating rapidly. "I hope to find a place today. I've found one place, and the owner is listed as deceased, but I am having problems finding out to whom the place was left, if anyone. It's not -ideal-, but it would do."

"Deceased how?" KL asks, looking interested. "Sorry, probably natural causes, but one gets suspicious." She smiles at Zeke. "Yeah, and we could have a book club. Unless that means something other than hitting people with books, in which case, I'll pass."

Zeke looks to KL and grins, "No abusing the books. That's a cardinal sin." He turns back to Ladon then, "I.. wanted to read the Harry Potter books, but at my old sept, they thought it would be a bad idea."

Ladon shakes his head, "I'm having trouble finding out how she died, or anything concerned with it.. but the how doesn't matter, ma'am. " He sighs and then laughs at KL. "Book club.. I suppose I could get you a Websters to hit people with.." He then looks to Zeke, "You ... haven't read.. Oh my God." he puts a hand to his heart. "I have all of them. I'll bring them over later today for you. Those should be required reading!" He laughs. "I think you'll like them."

"Zeke," KL says, "I don't know much about these books, but I'll be searching your room for pointy hats and wands with stars on the tip. I would search Melodie's room, but I think she's already got the the latter." Deadpan, but obviously intended to be humorous.

Zeke grins a little, nodding. "This sept, and our tribe here, is more tolerant of my wishes in some regards. Perhaps more trusting. I would be very glad to borrow them from you Ladon, thank you." He smiles back at KL also, "Melodie's room frightens me, I was near blinded by just walking past it."

Ladon grins evilly, "When the seventh book came out, I was at the party, sorted into Slytherin.. got the Dark Mark and everything." he chuckles, "If you like, sir, I'll bring the movies over as well.. though I recommend reading the books first." he waves a hand, "Borrow, schmorrow.. they're a gift. The ones I have with me are the travelling copies.. my first edition hardbacks are locked away in storage. I have the British editions as well." he beams.

KL regards the kin warily. "Um... is there a particular reason why you're into small children waving their magic wands about?" she asks, keenly, leaning forward in her chair and taking her feet down, for the moment. "And yeah, we trust you, Zeke. Though I'd prefer it if you didn't keep challenging Ahrouns all over the place." Just the hint of censure in her voice. "Even if you do fight bravely."

Ladon shakes his head, "It's not about small children waving their wands, ma'am. It's the classic battle of Good vs Evil, a child, born into prophesy, given a destiny, and growing into it through the books to fulfill the prophesy and meet his destiny." he tries to explain. "nothing sexual about it."

Zeke nods to Ladon, "I would be overjoyed!" He gives his farewell to the departing kin then, looking quite pleased to have met him. At his elders comment on fighting Ahroun, he scowls a little. "Let me find my footing KL. I cannot stand uncowered if I do not rise against that which oppresses me to begin with. I have no love for Basil, he is abusive and mislead. I would even wager to say he has two spirits in him and one of them is far less welcome as a friend than the other. Do you agree with him then? That he *IS* better than me? On what grounds?"

KL looks at Zeke, a smile playing on her lips. "I don't think he's better than you. I *know* you're worth five of him," she says. "And you should stand and fight when you choose. I just don't want you killed." A pause. "But if you think it's important, then you should do exactly as you did. Even if Basil got the better of you physically, you gave him something to think about. I was...pleased."

There's a rapid knock on the door.

Zeke studies KL and lets out a small sigh, "You confuse me." He looks to the door with another frown, "And Basil cannot hear at all. His ears do not connect to his brain."

KL stands up, and goes to open the door, once more peering through the crack. "You wait ages for one person to visit the house," she says, "and then eight come all at once. Zeke - learn to tell when I'm joking."

Ladon returns from the outside, hanging up his phone and sighing. "I apologize profusely for that."

Lefty's standing outside the door, trying to peer in when KL looks outside. Seeing KL, then, she grins. "Just me," she says with a wave.

Zeke nods to Ladon and to Lefty, "Sometimes, KL, you joke with your fists." He moves to the counter and pulls up another cup of coffee for himself.

"Lefty-yuf!" KL greets the Gnawer with an exclamation. "Come in, and meet our newly arrived kinfolk, Ladon. He's nice, and opening a bookstore." She ushers the Ragabash inside. "And yes, Zeke, sometimes I do. It's all part of the rollercoaster ride that you get when you live with me." She seems in a drastically good mood.

Lefty comes in, taking a look at the kin and offering him a wide smile and her left hand to shake. "Nice to meet you," she says. Spying Zeke, the metis gets a wave, too, and the Gnawer in general looks pleased to find KL in a good mood. "Hope everything's good her at the Fury house this morning."

Ladon takes her left hand in his left hand, easily enough. "Charmed.." he says with a smile that says just that, he is charmed to meet you. Professional smile, but sincere enough for all that. Professional handshake, come to that, as well.

Zeke waves at Lefty, "Coffee is on Lefty, if you want some?" He sips his own and then leans back against the counter as the house fills up with bodies in apparently good moods.

KL makes sure the door is closed - there aren't any near neighbours, but you don't want the paparazzi getting a clear shot at you - and moves back to her seat. "What can we do for you, Lefty, or is this just a social call? Welcome, either way."

"Coffee sounds great, thanks Zeke," Lefty says, even as she adds another smile for Ladon. Eventually, she shifts her attention completely to KL. "Mostly social. though I did want to talk to you a bit about Kavi Regarding that meeting?"

Melodie appears at the top of the stairs. She's dressed in her pink flannel nightgown, a hefty bulk of bandages visible around her right shoulder and her right arm held in a canvas sling. Her hair hangs loose and disheveled, and she doesn't have the usual spark of life she carries around, but she's soldiering on. She comes downstairs, and says, "What's goin' on? I heard voices..."

Zeke looks up and smiles at Melodie, resisting the urge to rush up and help her down the steps. "Melodie, we have guests, and Ladon is going to give me his travel copies of the Harry Potter books!"

KL looks at the Gnawer, an eyebrow raised, her good mood sort of frozen in place. "Oh?" she asks, as the two Philodoxes talk. A glance over her shoulder at the younger of them, as if checking her over, and then her attention is back on the Gnawer Ragabash. "Later this week, I thought."

Lefty's eyes fall on Melodie, studying her injuries. Curious about what happened, but sure that she's been tended to and is seemingly going to be fine, she leaves the questions for later. The Gnawer nods to KL, turning back to the Fury elder. "Yeah. Um. See, we got a lot going on, packwise. Just...stuff. But pretty intense stuff right now. I just don't think this month is the best timing to stress Kavi out further. Maybe next new moon?"

Zeke looks back to Lefty with concern, "What's happened?"

The Fury Elder's good mood evaporates entirely, and she looks icily at Lefty. "I understand that the meeting will be difficult for him," she says, carefully, eyes never leaving the face of the Gnawer, and locking eye-contact if she can. "I have some important things to say to him, that are not easy for me to say. I think it unlikely that next month will be any better. There is always some intense stuff. It is in our nature." She pauses. "It would concern me greatly if he was not *well* enough for what I intend to be a cordial and constructive conversation." There's something odd about her manner, though Zeke has seen her like this a couple of times before. She just looks very *Fury*.

Melodie grins a little at Zeke and the new comer. "Neat! I still haven't seen the new movie. Maybe I can catch up while I'm still kinda beat up. You forget what being really hurt is like, it makes you soooo tired!" She looks between Lefty and KL, a bit curiously, and then asks, "Can someone get me some milk, please? I'm not so good at the pouring right now."

Ladon goes very still, the professional smile frozen in place as the Fury goes all... Fury-ish.. and without a word goes to fetch milk for the lady on the stairs.. yep, anything to quietly exit the room, stage whatever..

Lefty's attention is grabbed by Zeke, and she shakes her head, going to explain. But KL's words and intensity quickly draw her eyes back to the Fury elder. The Gnawer meets the Fury's gaze, her perpetual grin fading to something much more serious. She picks her words carefully. "He's well enough. Just, like I say, we have some things that need to be dealt with further." Keeping her eyes on KL, there is a gesture to Zeke, as if to say 'now I'll get around to answering your question as well', she adds, "Someone's been stalking Jacob. And Riot. We're not sure why, we're not sure who they are or what they want. But we suspect they know a great deal about /us/. Naturally, it has us on edge. They already know a great deal about us--where we live, and who we're in contact with. There's going to be a meeting. And, until we get all that straightened out, I just thought it best to postpone."

Zeke glances to KL and then back to Lefty. That Ladon is getting Melodie her milk gives him a chance to study the conversation and reactions of each party. "They know about us, as Garou?"

"I can understand that's concerning," KL says. "I think you underestimate how much preparation I have put into this meeting, and how much it is not something I want hanging over myself or this tribe for any longer than is absolutely necessary." Her tone, if anything, gets firmer. "It does not sound to me as if there is anything that is specific to Kavi there and if this meeting is postponed for such a slight reason, then I do not have much confidence that the next one will be held to either." A pause. "I will make a concession, though. I will come to him. His ground. Wherever he picks. I can understand him not wanting to travel far from the rest of his pack, given what you describe."

Melodie is very curious about Lefty's news. "Maybe that's the same people that shot me! They must've been hunting us, because they had silver. I coulda died!" She shivers a little. "It finally stopped bleeding, at least."

Ladon roots around in the kitchen.. milk is in the fridge, but glasses can hide anywhere. He finds them, finally, and with milk in glass in hand, returns to the scene of the ... tension, offering the purple-haired lady the glass. Fetching milk for kids is something he can understand, and when one is completely lost as far as the conversation at hand is concerned, anything solid and commonplace is welcome. He frowns a bit at that news, but keeps his mouth firmly and completely shut unless someone addresses him, which they haven't.

Zeke looks from Lefty to KL and lets out a sigh, "KL is right Lefty, there is not often a legitimate reprieve from such stressors and concerns. It needs be dealt with."

Lefty answers Zeke's question first, leaving his comment til the end of her speech. "We're not sure. Hopefully the meeting will clear /everything/ up." She then refocuses on KL, almost as intently as the Fury ahroun herself. "I would prefer you not come out to our place, but not because of anything between you and Kavi, just because we're trying to keep anyone who /hasn't/ been exposed to...whatever the hell this /is/ from being targeted." The youngest Fury's news stops her dead, then, and she frowns, looking suddenly thoughtful and concerned. Eventually, she goes on, talking to KL, and addresses Zeke's words as well. "But if you're absolutely set on this for this month, I suppose it can be done. We have the meeting soon. As long as we're all in one piece, afterward, we'll see. There are...other things. And they're legitimate concerns, but they're also very personal, and not something I'm ready to discuss with you. So I don't expect you'll accept them as an 'excuse' to postpone."

The Fury Elder nods, and there's a moment while she considers this. "I understand," she says, and then a slight look of calculation. "I haven't thanked you properly for your assistance on the expedition to kill the Ronin, yet. I really should do that."

Melodie accepts the milk with her good, left hand with a polite 'Gracias', and takes a big drink. She smiles when KL takes a more polite approach, and adds, "Yeah, an' thank Masao for me, I think she saved my life. Or at least saved me from endin' up in a hospital, that'd suck. Hey, can you get drugs? I'm out of the Vicodin already."

Ladon accepts the thanks with a polite nod, still being furniture in the room for now. Not the time for Kin to pop off, nope. He stays quiet, and listens.

Lefty does not look all that happy about the way the conversation has gone so far, but she does smile Melodie's way. "When I see her, I'll certainly pass that on, yeah. Sao's a sweetheart, isn't she?" Returning yet again to KL, the Gnawer's expression turns curious. "Thank me? In what way?" she asks.

"Whatever way you felt appropriate, and wanted to ask of me," KL says, and she slightly breaks the tableaux, turning to look at Melodie. "I've got some, and I've still got some of the stuff Nadine gave me when I was injured - it just takes the edge off the pain and makes it possible to sleep. I should warn you that it can make you act a bit oddly, though. I had a very strange conversation with Dre." A grin. "I must have a more sane one with him soon."

Zeke turns a hard eye on Melodie. "Out of drugs? Who gave you drugs Melodie?" There is a flash of angry rage in his eyes now.

Ladon moves slowly back. Very slowly, very carefully, and casts his eyes around for the exit, calculating distance and considering just how fast he can make it there, just in case.

Melodie nods to KL. "Thanks. It kinda hurts a lot alla time. 'Specially when I move it accidentally." She shrinks a little at Zeke's verbal assault. "Basil did! You'd ask for drugs too, if it were you!" She's very defensive about this. "It was just painkillers, though some pot'd be awesome, that's supposed to be good for pain, right?"

Lefty just listens for a moment, looking between Zeke and Melodie. She purses her lips at Kl, a grin suddenly reappearing. "Really? Well, if that's the case, the only thing I can think of .. is to postpone the little get together until next new moon."

Zeke looks from Melodie to KL. "Basil." Then his eyes turn back on the younger half moon. "If it were me? I have -never- called upon drugs to ease my pain, and I was raised with fist and claw. You have no idea where he gets those, or what damnable chemicals they are laced with. You may as well be drinking chlorine."

"I'll check with Nadine, but I think the sleepy stuff should be OK. It even tastes nice," KL says, then she looks at Zeke. "If only we had someone around who could tell whether or not something was wyrm-tainted. Wouldn't that be good." Finally, she looks at Lefty, serious again. "Since *you* ask, and since I owe you a favour, then one month." She doesn't look drastically happy about it, though.

Lefty gives KL a grateful look, nodding to her. "Thank you," she says with complete sincerity.

KL looks down at her sweat-stained t-shirt. "Once again," she says, "I realise that I stink." She looks at Melodie. "I'll grab that stuff." A grin. "Glad you could make it back." Then she heads up to the shower, with a wave to everyone.

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