Time/Date : It is currently 12:27 Pacific Time on Fri Apr 4 2008.

Place : Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 9 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.97 and falling, and the relative humidity is 86 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (8% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.


Short, almost buzzed iron grey hair, intense brown eyes, and thin, angular cheekbones mark this woman. Her gaze, piercing though it is, does not rove, or wander, or explore. It focuses on one thing, and remains there. In her early 40s, her body is poised and lean; whether this is from genes or effort is an open question. She stands about 5' 2", and carries herself assertively, strongly. There is not a hint of compromise in that posture..
Battered jeans, t-shirt, ancient and venerable black leather jacket, and Doc Martens complete the mix.


Now in her early twenties, KL has lost much of the teenage stroppiness that characterised her younger self. It has been replaced by a slower burning, though still as fierce, intensity. She is still on the short side, standing perhaps 5'2" tall in her bare feet, and has a slightly built and slender frame, with a tight musculature that speaks of plentiful exercise. When she moves, she displays a compact grace, poise and balance. Even if she still occasionally slouches.
She has long, mid-brown - uncharitable people would say mousy - hair which she usually wears in a long plait that falls down between her shoulder-blades, secured at the top and the bottom with wide black leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. There's something off-putting about her, though - she has an aggressive posture, a tendency to glare at people - particularly people she doesn't know, and an air of barely-restrained violence.
She has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse.
Unless obscured by clothing, visible across her throat is a fairly horrendous scar, an angry stripe running from the bottom right corner until it terminates just below her jawline on the left side. More likely to be obscured is the scar in the small of her back, faded and older, but just as horrible.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.

A cloudy St. Claire afternoon sees KL, having just returned to the Fury House, taking part in an ancient and complex ritual. She's sorting out laundry. Two piles of clothing are being folded carefully, and a basket full of dirties waits to go down to the washer. Oh, the excitement of being a fearsome warrior of Gaia.

There are the sounds, off in the distance, of a motorcycle pulling up. Soon enough after that, there's a knock on the door.

KL sets down her washing, perhaps with a sigh of relief, and pulls open the door. "Frankie!" she greets, cheerfully. "Come in! I'm just doing some washing - I'm going away on holiday."

Frankie has two bows with her; one's slung over her shoulder, the other, much larger, she's carrying. They're fairly ornate, in a traditional kind of style. "Hi," she says, offering the larger one to KL. "Oh, really? Where're you going?

"Coast," KL says. "And then down to San Fran. My..." she pauses, considering what word is appropriate, "...friend and I are driving down. I know it's a weavercart, I know it's bad, but I need to get out of here, just for a week." She's blatantly de-mob happy. She takes the bow, running a hand over it. "This is lovely," she says holding it. "And I have no hope of even stringing this without being in Crinos. What a thing." Her hand strokes over it, a caress.

Frankie's smile appears, a little wry, but KL's happiness is contagious. "That's the general idea. I don't know who specifically Kyra got it from, but it was one of her relatives." She slides the other bow off her shoulder, and leans on it. "Vacations are vital sometimes. And SF's a damn good place to do it in."

The Fury can't hide the mischevious glint that comes into her eyes. "Yeah, I'm planning on really letting my hair down," a pause. "Without losing control, obviously." She steps back, deeper into the house, still holding the bow. "How recently have they been used?" she asks. "I just want to know whether I should hang them on the wall or consider using them."

The front door opens and in walks Zeke, hat-donned, sleeves lowered and a curious look on his face. He stutters a little as he finds company is over and glances toward KL with a curious look.

Frankie's smile turns into a grin. "Oh, mercy. Now I want to come /with/ you, see how /that/ goes. Stupid deadlines." At the question, she makes an uncertain motion with one hand, as she follows the other woman. "The big one hasn't been used in /years/. We took care of 'em, though. Right kind of oil and all. Could try using it. This one--" She hefts it-- "Kyra and I used occasionally. Figured, might be an antique but that didn't mean it was useless." At Zeke's entrance, she slides her attention over to him, grunts, and looks back to KL.

KL looks up as Zeke comes in. "Hi Zeke," she says. "How's it going?" She strokes the oversize bow again. "I think I'll give it a go, very carefully. I'd hate to break it, but if it isn't OK, I should be able to find out fairly easily." She looks at the one Frankie has. "Yeah. Whoever made them meant them to be used. Seems a tragedy not to, even if they've lost a little bit of poundage through age." A pause. "Are you sure you want us to have them?" she asks, keenly.

Zeke looks from Frankie to KL and then slips in more or less quietly. "It's going fine KL. Nice bows."

Frankie says, "Fury crafted and built," to Zeke, with a grudging kind of smile. She looks down at the bow she has in her hand, and then back to KL. "Yeah," she says, after a pause. "They're yours, not mine. I can always get one of my own, a new one. I'll miss 'em, but they... Well, they remind me of Kyra, and I'd rather you guys got use out of 'em. Plus, they just /look/ right, around here."

The Fury Elder nods. "We will treasure them," she says, very serious for a moment. She pauses, obviously considering her words. "At some point in the near future, I'm planning a tribal moot - kin as well as Garou. Nadine is going to tell us about the Furies who came before us here, because there is a bit of disconnect between us and them." She looks keenly at Frankie. "No is an entirely acceptable answer, and I'd understand, but would you like to come and tell us about Kyra?"

Zeke peers at KL with a little confusion. "She's not Fury," he points out regarding Frankie. A slight tip of the head offers apology to the Get kin, "I just mean that it would not be a tribal moot in that case."

Frankie leans on the bow again, looking thoughtful. "I--" But then Zeke speaks up, and her face shutters. "Nah. Thanks though."

KL looks at Zeke, and speaks very carefully to him. "What family is, is more than blood," she says. When Frankie turns it down, she looks a little disappointed, but nods, and changes the subject. "Oh! Um... What do you think of these?" She pulls out her shades from her pocket and puts them on - they're a rounded pair, very Lara Croft.

Zeke shrugs a shoulder up at KL, "They're fine. And, if you wish to invite friends of the tribe then I imagine that Miss Frankie would fit the bill." He moves toward the kitchen then and fetches a glass of water.

Frankie says, quietly, "Ms." A little louder, she adds, "Ms." And then, abruptly, she slaps her jeans pocket. "Dammit, you Furies /have/ been my family for 20 years. /He/ can be closed minded and skeptical all he wants, but sure, I'll come. Dunno if I can tell who Kyra was /that/ well, but I can try."

The Fury Elder nods, a look of satisfaction on her face. "Good," she says. "OK, Zeke, something's bugging you and I have no clue what it is. What have I done this time?" She carefully sets the oversized bow down on the table, giving it a last pat, and then looking back to Frankie. "Drink?" she asks. "We have most things. Provided by most things you mean milk, water and juice."

Zeke looks up and shakes his head, "Nothing is bothering me and you have not done anything. You don't need to ask me that everytime I step in the door. I was simply pointing out it cannot be a tribal moot if you've invited Get kin to it. Not that I have anything against the Get at all, in fact, I rather like Poe. I meant no offense to Ms. Frankie."

"Y'know, given as one of the purposes behind the Black Furies is to create a community of women and their allies, you're peculiarly segregationist." Frankie shrugs one shoulder, her jacket creaking. "So yeah, all kinds of offense taken, but I'll try not to hold it against you." She glances at KL. "Love the shades, by the way. And I'd love some water. But water, I can get myself-- save you the trouble?"

KL grins. "Go ahead," she says, throwing herself into a seat, neatly poised between two piles of washing. "I liked Poe too, Zeke. He didn't flinch for a second. That always endears someone to me." She looks at the Philodox. "Zeke, I'm going on holiday for a week with Brooke," she says. "So, you'll have a week without shouting."

Zeke stares back at Frankie for a moment. "Don't argue segregation with me. -You- have no idea." The male Fury bristles now and he turns back to KL, "Make sure Helen is aware so that someone can make the decisions should it come up. I think I'll leave you to your conversation."

Frankie snorts. "I wasn't comparing burdens, Mr. Unhappy Metis, I was just saying it was /interesting/ that you were /reinforcing/ the problem." She shrugs. "But whatever, you're leaving, so I'll try not to exude Get pheromones into your refrigerator." She drifts into the kitchen, and gets her water, though she watches Zeke as she does so.

The Fury Ahroun looks at Zeke, disappointment all over her face. She doesn't say anything, and after a moment, she looks away from him and back to the kitchen, slowly taking her shades off and folding them into a pocket.

Zeke says not another word as he turns toward the door and makes his way out. Indeed though, that door is shut more loudly and fiercly than usual.

Frankie looks down at her glass. "I, um. Didn't mean to... growl back. I /meant/ to be on my /good/ behavior." She sounds apologetic.

"Don't apologise," KL says, sounding tired. "There is my problem child. And like all problems, it's partly his fault, partly mine, partly his upbringing. As a metis, he's never had to live in the wider world. He comes from a place where women are powerful, in charge. And possibly go too far. We both know that it's power that corrupts, not anything specific to gender. But I can't make him see what the rest of the world is like. And of course, as a metis he does get a rough deal." A pause. "I love him. He's family. But... I can't get through to him." She smiles. "I've got a plan, though. There's a new Fury kin in town,Ladon. Who's going to open a bookstore. Zeke doesn't know it yet, but he's going to work for Ladon."

Frankie nods. "I was sort of explicitly trying to give him more rope because he /is/ a metis, but he was like this /last/ time I was here, too, and I'm... not real good at not reacting." She leans against the wall to the living room area as she listens. "Hey. That sounds like a damn good plan. Ladon need some capital funding?"

"I think not," KL says. "I hate to admit this, but two of the male Fury kin are really quite well off," she shakes her head. "He used to be a lawyer down south. I'm happy he's becoming a bookstore owner, even if I'm not the greatest reader in the world." She looks at the kin. "What do you do? I hit things for a living, and spend my trust fund."

Frankie rests her thumb in her jeans pocket, the rest of her hand outside it. "Lawyer'll definitely make you money. If he doesn't have experience with bookstores, I'll be vaguely concerned, but maybe I can do some author signings for him." A beat. "Joy of joys." Clearly, this is not precisely a thrill for her. "Me? I write. A schlock fantasy series, some one off novels, and a lot of freelance activist articles, under my real name. The articles," she adds, wryness itself, "Are not what make me most of my money."

KL laughs, "Yeah, I can imagine." She puts her head on one side, brow furrowed. "Can I... this is really stupid, because I barely know you. But perhaps that helps. I've got some stuff that I think I'm making a bit of a mess of, and I don't quite know what to do about it. If anything. Can I tell you about it? Ask your advice? It's not Garou stuff. That's all going fabulously."

Frankie brings her water with her over to a chair. "Well. Sure. Though keep in mind, Kyra was the people person. I'm not... the best at connecting to people sometimes."

"I'll bear that in mind," KL says. "I'm not always that good at it, either. I've got better." She considers, obviously trying to decide where to start. "I'm twenty. I'll be twenty-one in May. Until very recently, I had had one relationship, which had never got past the kissing stage. He was lovely, but... it was sort of childish. I was, quite. I'm quite ragey, you might have noticed. And for many years, I couldn't relate to people other than through that. I was Garou and not really much else." A long pause. "Anyway, that sort of started to change a while ago, and...um...about new year, Melodie basically set me up on a date with her half-brother, Dre. It went pretty well, and we ended up in bed. And it was *good*. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was like someone opened a door. Or a floodgate." She looks at the kin. "Since then, well, I've - very deliberately - got myself pregnant. Which I was actually planning from before. With Alexander - he's Fury kin, like Dre. And then there's Brooke. Have you met her? She's like... wild. A constant challenge." She shakes her head. "And it's sort of like it's all running out of control. I don't think I'm in love with any of them, really. And I've been on the up and up all the time - totally honest. But I *like* feeling sexy, feeling wanted. I spent so long being wanted only because of my claws." She pauses. "Is this wrong?"

Frankie listens, almost fiercely. And then promptly, she says, "No." She seems about to leave it at that, but then chuckles quietly and comtinues, "Sex-- love-- relationships-- they're never wrong. I really think a lot of Garou get stuck in the whole thing where defending Gaia is the only thing they can do. That they're a machine with claws. There really is more to it than that, and I tend to think that having a life, /improving/ your life, helps Gaia as well. Since the lesson I took from being "just" a Kin, back when I was a kid, is that /everything;/ we do helps Her. So you can drop /that/ down the well. But--" She turns the chair, so she's straddling it. "But the other thing is, you're dealing with a lot of people, you're dealing with sex and things that often are mistaken for love, you gotta /talk/ to people. Let 'em know what's going on. I don't bet Brooke's all that interested in deep relationship talks--" she grins, as she actually mentions Brooke-- clearly, she does know her somewhat-- "And for all I know none of them are, but trying to communicate with them may well help you to clarify what /you/ want. Which, it sounds like you're not sure." She stops, leaning her forearms over the top of the chair, and then adds, as if she'd forgotten, "Oh, and congratulations."

KL nods. "I do tell them. And talk to them. And I think Brooke and I are good on that front." She grins. "Which, actually, is a pity, because she's the closest I've found to what it feels like I'm looking for." She shrugs. "Zeke got annoyed with me when you were here before. I don't think he likes it when I flirt with people." A slightly disgusted look. "But then, he has some really awful history himself. Which isn't his fault at all." She looks at Frankie. "I know what I want. But I don't know anyone brave enough. And I guess I'm happy enough with the current situation. I don't think anyone I'm with is unhappy with it."

"It kind of seemed more that he felt that people got down on him for flirting, so there you were doing it and lo, that was bad." Frankie grins, sudden and soon gone. "But I don't know him, nor his history. Though I'm sorry it sucks." She tilts her head, though, asking, "...Why is it a pity that Brooke's the closest thing you're looking for? Or's it one of these 'she's not actually queer' dealies?" She puts the water down, meeting KL's look. "OK. What /do/ you want?"

The Fury Elder actually blushes and ducks her head. "OK, um. This is a bit weird. Remember I said about everything being filtered through my rage. But also through physicality. When I meet other Garou, more often than not, we end up fighting. Sparring, at least. It's part of how I communicate." A little shrug, though she's still struggling to meet the kin's eyes. "And I can't quite seperate that method of communication, of interaction, with sexuality. What I want is someone who's prepared to...contest with me." She looks like she's about to say more, and then thinks better of it, biting her bottom lip, still embarrassed.

Melodie appears at the top of the stairs. She's wearing her pink flannel nightgown, her right arm in a sling and a bulky bandage on her shoulder. Her purple hair is significantly mussed, looking like she's woken up from a nap extremely recently. She comes down, and looks curiously at the two women here. "Um, hi, am I interrupting?"

Frankie's grin comes back; it entirely fails to leave, this time, as KL blushes, as she struggles to meet Frankie's gaze. It's a fierce kind of grin, but somehow welcoming. "Makes perfect sense to me. Difficult thing to find an /equal/, given Garou training, of course. And Garou instinct. But... there's non-Garou folks with that kinda... internal drive. Brooke's got quite a bit of drive herself, seems like." She doesn't really notice Melodie, intent as she is on talking, until she speaks up, and then she looks at her, surprised. (But not, it seems, flustered by being interrupted.) "Oh, hey. We wake you up or something?"

"Hi Melodie," KL says, her blush disappearing as she looks at the young philodox. "How's the shoulder?" she asks, looking concerned. "And no, nothing you haven't heard before. Have you met Frankie? She's kin to the Fenrir, but she has connections to us too." She looks at Frankie. "Mel's our only genuine lesbian, at the moment." A little laugh accompanies this.

Melodie nods to Frankie. "Yah, but I been sleepin' way too much lately. Got shot, but it's doin' better today! It still hurts, though." She grins at KL. "Yah, at least in theory. I mostly just read books so far, though, 'cause I'm too young to find a good girlfriend. Nobody lets kin my age come out an' play."

Frankie says, "I'd offer to shake, but, well, your wing's busted. Anyway. Frankie Capitanos. Like she says, Get kin. Glad you're doin' better." Her gaze travels back to KL, and she looks somewhat more enlightened. "Difficult, if Brooke's... the kind of person you want, only you're not actually attracted to her. Must be damn frustrating."

"Oh no," KL says, a sparkle in her eyes. "You mistake me. I'm *very* attracted to her. Only she won't quite go far enough." A little blink of embarrassment. "And, um... well, she's not the settling down kind. In any sense. Which is cool, but it does limit how much involvement you can have."

Melodie grins a little. "Oh man, Brooke's smokin' hot. I'd kill to have a girlfriend like her, huh?" She sighs a little. "But yah, she's just for fun, she's not the kind of girl you make a life with. At least, not until she gets old an' scared of being alone. Then, whatever girl is last in line is gonna be soooo lucky."

"Oh!" Frankie says. "Yeah, she didn't seem like she would be. Pity. The other thing is..." Frankie clasps her hands together as she thinks. "Most humans, if they /do/ go that far, aren't going to be real... in control in other ways. You're pretty sane, seems like, except when you're letting the rage take you over, yeah?"

KL shrugs. "I like to think so," she says. "And that doesn't happen too often. I have to let it out, though. That's why I shout at people." She grins. "If I shout at them, I'm less likely to hit at them." She looks at Melodie, and there's the hint of a smug grin. "Oh, Mel, by the way, I'm going on holiday for a week, probably leaving tomorrow or Sunday."

Melodie nods at Frankie. "It's even harder for me, because I'm a femme, an' what kind of butch girl wants someone who can totally beat 'em up if they wanted to? That's not how it works." She has the confidence that the world is divided up simply that only a teenager can have. "Ooh, KL, where are you going? I'm sure I'll be all better by the time you're back."

Frankie says, "Oh, I dunno, I know a lot've interestin' relationships along that line, Melodie." She sounds half-amused, half serious. "Maybe use online classifieds?" Then she adds, to KL, "Shouting has the added advantage of pre-intimidating people."

"Oh, I'd never try to intimidate anyone," KL says, wide-eyed with transparent dishonesty. She laughs, and looks affectionately at Mel. "Oh, I don't know. Personality isn't the same as physical ability. Brooke and I are going to the coast, then down to San Fran. We're going to tear the place up. Let our hair down." And there's a hint of wildness there, a dangerous edge and hunger in her voice.

Melodie gives KL an intensely jealous look for a moment, but tries to hide it. "Oh. Have fun for me! Take some pictures, too!" She shrugs a little at Frankie, and then winces as that guesture is now unexpectedly painful. "Owwww. Um, I'm not so good at the online stuff. An' we don't have a computer anyway, I don't think. An' I'm underage for humans, so it'd be all illegal anyway, right?"

Frankie chuckles at KL, but then, at her last comment (and mostly the non-verbals), she sobers, a glint of wistfulness in her eye. She shakes it off, though, and shrugs at Mel. "I could loan you guys an old laptop. There's /gotta/ be teen oriented queer places on the web..."

KL raises an eyebrow. "Get Alexander to help you. I'm sure he's got a computer over at the Hall," she says. "I'm...well...rather not here. The washing machine and the phone are about as far as I want to go." She reaches out a hand to stroke the Philodox's head, just an affectionate gesture. "You'll find someone, probably when you're not expecting it."

Frankie accepts this easily. "Makes sense. Wasn't sure about the Wyld aspect, p'ticularly since you're on-Bawn."

Melodie wrinkles her nose. "Doesn't that attract like weaver spiders to you an' shit? I'm not a Walker, I wouldn't know what to do about them. An' I heard you could get a virus from the Internet these days. Could you do it for me?" She looks hopefully at Frankie.

Frankie shakes her head. "I can't go lookin' for someone you'd like-- you're not me, after all. Try Alexander, I bet he'd know how to protect you against viruses. Or come over my place sometime, I can set you up browsing."

The Fury Ahroun looks at Melodie. "Yeah. Possibly," she says, dubiously. "I really don't get on with technology." She thinks. "Mel, is it obvious that I don't want any guns here ever, or should I make that clear to people?"

Melodie also shares this dubiousness. "Maaaybe, but I don't wanna geeky girl. I like tough chicks." She shakes her head at KL. "Didn't know that. I don't like 'em either, I tried to learn to use one back around when they burned down the Farmhouse, but I like the bow much better. I do have the silver bullet that got me, but it's just a trophy now, Basil said you couldn't fire it again."

Frankie shrugs. "Well, I've known some tough chicas who hung out online, but..." She trails off. "Not trying to push it on you. You want to stop by the Brownstone sometime, it's cool. If not, that's cool too."

KL smiles. "Your trophy is fine," she says. "I just really hate them, and I will literally kill anyone who points one at me." A little heat in this. She shakes her head, blinking away that burst of rage. "Hmm," she says, thinking. "Are there any groups in the city for queer teens?"

Melodie thinks a little. "Yah, I've been to the brownstone, Zeke an I spent the night there after that whole Roxanne-ickthya mess. That was when there weren't so many Get around, though." She looks curious at KL. "Groups? They let us meet up? Don't, like, the Christians get all upset?"

Frankie says, promptly, "Yes," to KL. Then she rubs her forehead. "Well, yes. A lot of 'em are support groups. But there's a couple of rugby teams, there's a queer community center down in the Regan area, and MLK's got a GLBT-and-allies group. Bunch more options I can't think of off the top of my head-- want me to call you with details, later? I didn't bring my book with me."

"No reason you couldn't go to one of those," KL says to Melodie, with a shrug. "I wouldn't recommend the rugby teams. Taking a bow to a knife-fight, really." She pauses. "Not really places for me, though. Given how much normal people like me." And there's a tired resignation in that.

Melodie smiles excitedly. "Well, I'm not really into that anyway, but if they've got a sports team, I could cheer 'em on! I always wanted to be a cheer girl, but I never made it to high school. Gosh, rugby girls...." It's clear her mind has wandered off into a happy place. "When can I meet 'em?"

Frankie says, tentatively, "I think you could find some folks interested if you hung out in the BDSM scene..." and then blinks at Melodie. "Cheerleading?" She sounds incredulous, and then shakes her head as if to clear it. "Well, I think they have games on Saturdays."

"Hey!" KL says, mock-angry. "One of us has a cheer-leader outfit, and it isn't you." She flashes a grin at Frankie. "It was a disguise." She looks back at Melodie. "And one of us can do a handstand for ten minutes. And a punch front somersault."

Frankie murmurs, "Well, as long as it was a disguise," and grins.

Melodie snickers at KL. "I can do that stuff. Well, not _now_, but I did gymnastics at the Y for years, I was really good. Once my arm is better, though. I can do the splits now, see!" Without much warning, she gathers her nightgown up to her waist, and drops down into her splits. Aw, she's got little kitty-cats on her panties. "Ta-da!"

Frankie mutters, "Nice pants," before leaning the bow in the corner. "Anyway, KL, I should get back home to work. I'll bring the amphora over sometime-- presumably after your vacation. And I hope it's a good one. "

"I do too," KL says. "It's the first one I've had since I was thirteen." She smiles at Melodie's splits, and checks out the pants. "Kitties?" she asks, an eyebrow arching. She stands up, to match Frankie. "I think I still owe you dinner?" she asks, moving towards the door.

Melodie blushes a little, realizing she just flashed the room. "Uh. It's one of the advantages of being a shrimp, I can still fit into all the cute pants." She stands up again, finding it more difficult than getting into her compromising position, wincing as she puts too much pressure on her shoulder. "I really hate bein' shot. Okay, I guess I'll see you two later, I think I'm gonna take a bath, that'll feel good on my shoulder." The bathroom is sure to smell like something floral tonight.

Frankie grins at Melodie, and then that grin sharpens a bit at KL. "Oh, yeah. Definitely after vacation. I'll be lookin' forward to it." Generally, she adds, "Catch you later," and heads out the door.

KL smiles affectionately at the Philodox. "And I have ninety-seven piles of washing to do," she says. "Be off with you." She points upstairs, in the stereotypical "get yourself upstairs young lady" pose. Except for the grin.

Melodie scampers upstairs, in much better spirits than yesterday. She sings a little bit to herself, mostly in spanish, but the words 'Rugby girls' are clear enough.

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