Time/Date :10th April, 2008

Place : San Fransisco

Weather :Sunny!


Now in her early twenties, KL has lost much of the teenage stroppiness that characterised her younger self. It has been replaced by a slower burning, though still as fierce, intensity. She is still on the short side, standing perhaps 5'2" tall in her bare feet, and has a slightly built and slender frame, with a tight musculature that speaks of plentiful exercise. When she moves, she displays a compact grace, poise and balance. Even if she still occasionally slouches.
She has long, mid-brown - uncharitable people would say mousy - hair which she usually wears in a long plait that falls down between her shoulder-blades, secured at the top and the bottom with wide black leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. There's something off-putting about her, though - she has an aggressive posture, a tendency to glare at people - particularly people she doesn't know, and an air of barely-restrained violence.
She has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse.
Unless obscured by clothing, visible across her throat is a fairly horrendous scar, an angry stripe running from the bottom right corner until it terminates just below her jawline on the left side. More likely to be obscured is the scar in the small of her back, faded and older, but just as horrible.
She is currently wearing absolutely nothing at all, standing there with precisely no clothes on.


Standing 5'5 and with a lean physique, Brooke carries herself like someone who knows she is armed. Her hair is long, dark and wavy- hanging well past shoulder length. Her light green eyes dance with a bold mischief that is almost fae like, and her smile is full of confidence. She moves with a steady, sure gait, but not one that is overly rigid or strict; she's fluid, and graceful, but with a strength about her as well. One suprising thing about this woman, is that despite a body and appearance that is fully feminine, her hands are strong and callused, the kind that speak of hard physical work.
She dresses in form fitting casual attire. Jeans, tank tops, leather jackets, boots and the like. While the clothes work to show off her form, they do not limit or overly inhibit her motions or actions. She also wears a bronze pendant that is in the shape of a crescent moon.

San Fransisco, the city by the bay, the city that never sleeps. In a downtown motel, cheap but not disgusting, KL and Brooke have rented a room. The Chevelle sits in the lot immediately outside. The Fury Ahroun and Elder is experiencing a major problem. She's currently naked, and all of the clothes she's brought with her are spread out in front of her. She rests her hands on her hips, and looks at them. "Argh," she says, succinctly. "What do I wear?"

"I kinda like what you got on," comes the reply from the often witty kinwoman. "It's a biker place, we're not going spruced. Wear your leather pants and a top that shows off upstairs a bit."

"Yeah, I'd sort of leaned towards that," KL agrees. She lifts her hands to her breasts, sort of weighing them. "Fuck the bra," she decides. Cropped black top, baring her midriff, leather pants, ankleboots, knife in a sheath buckled to her leg. "Scarf or no scarf?" she asks, tapping the scar on her neck. "Other than that, I'm good to go."

Brooke laughs aloud, "Thatta girl." The kin studies the scar carefully, "Well, whether you cover it or not you're gonna need a story on that. So how'd it happen? Knife fight? Emergency tracheotomy in the middle of the jungles of Peru?"

KL looks mysteriously at the kin. "I don't like to talk about it. It was pretty rough," she says. "Still, the guy who did it won't be doing it to anyone else." She holds a slightly sorrowful, but tough and determined expression for a second. "And hopefully nobody who's ever had to go through that kind of thing will hold it against me," she says, looks serious for a moment. "If anyone's rude enough to ask." She looks at the kin. "Ready? Or want a warm-up first?"

Brooke chuckles, "Hmm, we do a warm up here, we'll never actually make it to the bar. C'mon lets go. And bring the scarf. These broads are gonna ask otherwise."

With a hasty grab-and-knot, the ends of the scarf flung over her shoulder, the Ahroun and kin head out into the warm San Fransisco evening, heading for the famed bars of the city.

It's a little odd to drive up to a lesbian biker bar in a car, but given the car itself, and the people it carries, the hard, confident women of the establishment share wide grins and elbows with eachother. A call comes from a longhaired woman wearing a bandana. "Ya got too many wheels there honey. Biker bar." Brooke steps out and smiles, "Bike's at home, I ain't driving my Softtail out of Washington in that shit weather. So deal." Another woman comes up and puts her hands onto the front end of the car, and a show of territorial dominance comes out of Brooke. "Ya mind?" The other smirks, "Just wanna see what's under the hood." Brooke closes the distance and stares up at the woman in a way that is definitely gauging. "Buy me a few drinks and we'll talk about the chances of you seeing under the hood."

KL climbs out of the car, after that, and there's a noticeable shift in the attitude of the watching women, just a quiver of uncertainty and low, instinctive, aversion to the high-rage Ahroun. Who isn't helping matters by glaring at them, putting her hands on her hips and lifting her chin arrogantly.

The woman at the hood grins, "Sure sugar, you and your friend come on in and warm up." The woman at the hood at least doesn't cower from KL, and her wild, auburn hair seems to match her boldness. "Yeah, you two get your asses inside." Brooke moves toward KL and nudges her lightly, "Damn girl, you gotta relax."

The Fury grins at Brooke, "I am relaxed. I'm just presenting a bit of a challenge," she says, nudging Brooke playfully back. "Well, OK," she whispers, "I am a bit nervous too. But fuck it." The two enter the bar, walking in to a wall of loud rock music. KL - lesbian bar newbie - looks around, her eyes widening a fraction.

Brooke loops an arm down around KL's waist as the walk in, her hands slipping into the tight back pocket of those leather pants. It's odd, but in this atmosphere the gestures acts a support and protection, but it comes from the kin and is offered to the Garou. All in all, a rather odd role reversal. The auburn haired woman moves to the bar and waves some drinks over, "Name's Charlene, own the place. That's a what 72 ya got? Nice work done on it, if ya tell me you paid some jack ass mechanic for it though I'm gonna kick your ass back to Washington."

KL, perhaps a bit gratefully, puts her own arm around Brooke's waist, noticeably strengthening from the contact. She smiles at Charlene, looking proud. "No way," she says. "Brooke's a mechanic. Does all the work herself." She flicks her glance at Brooke for confirmation, then reaches for one of the drinks. Barely into the holiday, and she's already breaking the prohibitions on her.

Brooke grins and nods, "Yeah, about a hundred sixty hours on her, but she's my pride and joy. She's my baby." The drop of the term is meant for KL's ears, -a way of encouraging and reminding her without telling her what she should or shouldn't do. "We're down here living it up a bit before things settle down for the summer. Brooke, and this is KL. Don't ask for what they mean." The kin smiles and takes a pull from her drink. Charlene grins at them both, "Nice. Work on bikes a bit, but never cars. And cars now adays are fucking pussy compared to the classics."

The Fury wrinkles her nose up, and doesn't comment on the car. "Just one," she says, quietly, to Brooke, before looking back at Charlene, stretching her arms out onto the bar either side of her drink, the tattoo on her arm very much on display. She can't really contribute to the conversation on vehicles, as "they're all world-destroying weavercarts" won't go down well, so she looks around the bar again.

Brooke nods. "True enough Charlene. So how's business here. You got a nice crowd going. Up north we don't have stuff like this. All our dykes are in hiding." The burly woman laughs nodding at her. "It took a while, but ya kick enough male asses and they start to finally get it through their heads. Janie! Get some pretzels and nachos out here would ya?" She eyes KL then, "Nice ink sweetheart. Badger?"

This gets a massive grin in return. "Wolverine," she replies. "But badgers are pretty ferocious too, even if they have cuter noses." She looks at Brooke. "I dunno, they seem to find their way to my door at a fairly steady rate." An arched eyebrow back at Charlene, and then she looks thoughtful. "You happen to know anywhere good studios around here? For piercing, more than ink."

Charlene laughs at the two of them, fondly. "Aw how cute. You guys coming down to the lesbian capitol of the world to get pierced together? Yeah, I can give you a few places the girls here trust." A bombshell of a brunette walks up then, a hand rolling over KL's shoulder, "Mmm hi. Did I hear talk about an ink and needle place?" Out of nowhere, the woman pulls her shirt down to explose her chest and two perfect piercings, one for each. "Rising Phoenix. Woman owned and operated, clean, decent price."

KL jumps, literally, about six inches in the air. She takes a deep breath, and gets a grip really quickly. "Nice," she says to the brunette, raising an eyebrow. "Piercings too." Mischevious grin, she knows that's cheesy. "And it might be us, might be just me. Got responsibilities landing on me. This is a farewell to freedom trip, kind of." She's growing more confident by the second, though there's still a sizable number of women in the bar who are carefully sitting as far away from her as possible.

Brooke smiles at KL with clear amusment. The brunette gives a wink to the Ahroun. "Tammy. Nice to have some new blood in here. What kinda of farewell to freedom? I don't believe we ever let go of that, sometimes there are just new things we have to include in our plans. You guys came in that hot car right?"

"Once or twice," KL says, being crude, and then laughing. "Yeah, I'm joking mostly. But this might be my last opportunity to really let my hair down for a while. Go a bit wild, you know." She looks away from the kin toward Tammy. "And I can be pretty wild." She lets just a hint of rage creep into this, an edge of dangerousness. Because scaring someone a way is *exactly* what she wants to do.

Tammy smiles at the other, "I like wild. I like wild a lot." There's a little thrill that runs through the pierced brunette. "Me? I came on bike. All by myself." She laughs brightly at her twist on the joke. Brooke rolls her head back as Charlene shakes her head, "Great, you brought the other pea to this one's pod honey. That's all I need here."

"Oh," KL's brow arches. "Really." Flat, laid back. "You sure. Cos a lot of people say they like wild, but forget that wild can be dangerous. Exciting, sure. But dangerous as all hell." Her voice is quiet, but not that quiet. "You brave?" There's a little squeeze on the arm around Brooke's waist, a sort of enquiry more than anything else, before the arm's removed and KL's concentration is fixed onto the brunette.

Tammy smiles, "I can handle it. Trust me." The girl is good about looking appealing at least, and she does have a cocky boldness about her. Brooke nods to KL and gives Tammy a laugh. "Well, you give her a spin and you're gonna be asking me for a ride home because hacking it on a bike won't be an option."

KL takes a final sip of her beer, and pushes it towards Brooke - there's about half of it left, then returns her attention to the foolhardy brunette. She cocks her head onto one side, a slightly playful look in her eyes, and lifts a hand to the woman's shoulder, just making light contact for the moment. "What say you and I go and discuss it?" she asks, eyes glinting dangerously.

"You two have fun, and if the hotel room is a mess, I'm kicking your ass." Brooke grins as KL gets a chance to just live wild and free for a while, nodding to her and giving her a supportive grin. Tammy gets up and nods, "We'll take my bike. My place is just a few blocks down actually, so we won't steam up the motel room."

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