Time/Date :14th of April, 2008. AM.

Place : The road to St. Claire

Weather :Horrid

Moon Phase :Waxing rapidly

The more they drive north, the quicker the weather turns. They drive into a decent downpour and Brooke grumbles as she pulls her foot off the pedal. "You don't have to be back by a certain time do you?"

"Nope," KL says, from her slightly recumbant position in the passengers seat. "I've got nothing particularly preth...preth...urgent to do," she growls in irritation. It's been noticeable towards the end of the trip that she's getting more irritable as Luna waxes in the night sky. "It'th a bit unpleathant out there." Another growl. "Fuck. I thound like Felixth."

Brooke pages to the room: Ah, so she got her tongue pierced!!!?? Hahaha awesome. I think Brooke would have ended up not. :(

Brooke turns to watch her, grinning slightly. "You better not accidentally heal that shit before I get to try it out."

KL shrugs, and smiles at the kin. "Ith," another snarl, and she tries again. "Is. Ha! *Is* it getting too hard to drive? Should we pull over and let the rain die down?"

Brooke looks out the window and shrugs, "Yeah maybe. Up ahead there's a turn out, we can go there." Sure enough, she pulls the car into the small gravel parking turn out and shuts it off. It leaves only the sound of the raindrops bouncing off the roof.

The Fury Ahroun waits until the car is motionless, then turns to look at Brooke, removing her (entirely unnecessary, given the weather) shades, and tucking them into her pocket. "I... have something to say to you," she says, quietly. And when Brooke is turned towards her she reaches out a hand, relatively - by KL standards - gently, to cup the back of the kin's neck, and pulls the taller girl down towards her, kissing her deeply.

Brooke lets out a surprised groan, and a smile breaks across her features even as the two kiss. She returns the gesture with comparable intensity, "OH really?"

KL clicks her tongue stud against her teeth thoughtfully, having withdrawn her face only a couple of inches. "Yeah," she says. "Thank you. It's been so good to get away from St. Claire, from being Garou, Elder... And yeah, it's been wild, too. I wonder if Tammy can sit down yet?" A mischevious grin accompanies this. "But seriously, you should know how much this means to me."

Brooke smiles and nods, "Babe, ya know I'm here for you. For all of you. I'm the one that reminds you guys why you have to keep fighting. If you don't stop to remember that, you start losing ground. And no, I don't imagine she can sit down yet."

The Fury laughs, leaning back in her seat, then looks out of the window for a moment, turning back. "Don't change," she says, simply, urgently, "don't let some smooth bastard persuade you that you want to settle down or shit like that. At least, not until I'm gone."

Brooke laughs, "Won't happen KL. The only person I belong to is me, and I like it that way. I like doing my own thing whenever the hell I want. And there's a lot of Garou that can't stomach my demands for freedom. They lose out on that deal, not me."

"Good," KL says, ducking her head in a fierce nod. She looks thoughtful. "In a few weekth...weeks," she says, carefully, "I'm going to have to apologise on behalf of the Black Furieth for something the tribe - not here, not even in this country - did," she says. "It was a pretty bad thing." She looks at the kin. "Do you know of anyone else deserving of a thi...similar apology?"

Brooke grows instantly tense, pulling back and pushing herself back into her own seat. A shoulder goes up, and she shrugs without speaking.

There's a long pause, and the Fury has to work quite hard to overcome her initial reaction. "Well," she says, "if you do. It's on the table. But I won't mention it again." She looks down at her hands, and consciously lays them on her lap in a relaxed position.

"What are you apologizing for then?" she asks, seeming unable to keep that curiosity at bay. The kinwoman rolls her window down a bit, not enough to get wet, but to cool off the suddenly warm cabin of the car.

KL hisses. "There is a Glass Walker, who is a given-away Black Fury - he is male, and Garou," she explains. "He is from India, or some other place like that. He was abused by the Furies there. Used as unwilling breeding stock." The sheer anger and frustration she feels at this is obvious in the tension in her voice. "I wish I could kill them, but as I cannot, all I can do is make it as right as I can. Zeke has performed a rite, that helps with traumatic memories. And I will apologise, as formally as I can, on behalf of the tribe."

Brooke tightens up even more at this news, and turns to glare out the window. Things go dead silent for a time and then the kin turns to start the car up again. "You pissed for what happened, or that you have to make the apology?"

There's a long pause. "Both," KL admits, the words coming a (slightly lispy) burst. "I'm pithed that it happened, becauthe it'th *wrong*, and I'm pithed at the people who did it for not being around to take the blame for what they did, and making me athume rethponthibility for thomething I didn't do, wouldn't do, and that I hate." She frowns, slowing up and losing the sibilant problem. "I guess that's partly selfish. I think most reactions are."

Brooke nods her head, "Well, it's important for the Glass Walker at least. Not everyone gets an apology."

"I hope it makes a difference," KL says. "I've made him a gift, to go with the apology." She grimaces, and shakes her head. "I don't mind making enemies doing what is right. I hate that my tribe makes enemies doing the wrong thing. It... shames me, in a way that nothing else does. And makes me want to try and make up for as much of it as I can."

Brooke glances to her and nods, "Then do so. You're elder here now KL, you can make the rules, that at least the Fury in this area, and the cubs you train, will have as their basis for everything else."

"Oh, I intend to," the Fury Elder says, an authoritarian note creeping into her voice. "I'm not perfect, and I do screw-up, but *nothing* like that will happen *here*." She pauses, and glances at the kin, looking worried. "We cool?" she asks, her voice dropping a notch or two.

Brooke looks over and nods, "Yeah KL. We're cool. I just got my own shit to deal with still. Ain't you."

The Fury nods, then grins. "Well, you know that any time you want to see me, I'll welcome you with open...mouth," she says, the tip of her tongue cheekily pushed out against her top lip.

Brooke stares at the other and lets out a husky little groan. "You're lucky it's raining, or I'd put that barbell to test right now, despite you not being healed up yet."

"Why does the rain matter?" KL asks. "It's not like you need to change gear often." She pauses. "How good's your concentration?" Her eyes drop, away from the kin's face, to a point far lower.

Brooke glances back at the Garou, eyes wide. "Oh hell no. Not in the car. We'd have to find a campsite or some shit, thus the rain is the problem."

KL sticks her tongue out, displaying the (rapidly healing) tongue piercing to full effect. "Oh well, can't say I didn't try," she says, with a grin, settling back in her seat. "It'll have to wait until we get back to St. Claire." A pause. "I ought to thank you properly for the trip..." she says, coyly. A pause. "Hmm. How to do that? Guess I could let you put my on my back, for once. Let you set the pace. Grind that sweet...what was it you called it? hooha...on my face..."

Brooke laughs aloud at that, "You might like being on bottom, then I'd have ruined your reputation. And yes, hooha. What do you call it?"

"Cunt," KL says, plainly. "It's a good word. Strong. Anglo-saxon. It's only regarded as really rude because it's a description of a woman's parts. And they're supposed to be secret and sacred."

Brooke chokes on that one, eyes flashing over to her with a wide look. "That is really, really surprising. Most Furies I know can't stand that word, and it's a good way to get them pissed off at you. Well, you got a nice cunt." The Fianna kin tries it out for size and then shakes her head, "Nah, ain't my style I guess. Hooha. Pussy maybe, but not that one."

"I was reading an article about it," KL says. "Noted feminist writer." She leans back again in her seat, looking out of the window. "Pussy's good, too."

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