Logs for Brooke

2008-04-14 KL and Brooke on the way home.
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-10 KL and Brooke paint the town red
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-07 KL and Brooke on the Road!
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-04 KL drops in to see Brooke about the holiday, and meets (joy) a new Glasswalker!
Featuring: Brooke KL Urick

2008-03-17 KL gets a present!
Featuring: Brooke KL Lefty

2007-12-17 KL runs into a friend in the park, then her putative boyfriend shows up. When things can't get any better, scarper, it's the pigs.
Featuring: Brooke Dre KL Nick

2007-12-13 KL, behaving oddly, tries to sneak in to the Farmhouse in the morning...but runs into something like trouble.
Featuring: Brooke KL

2007-12-10 KL runs into some new people at the Farmhouse, and discovers her packmate has been wounded
Featuring: Beth Brooke Cedric KL Quentin Rick

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