Logs for KL

2009-03-22 KL, Viv, and some potential new recruits go to get Ferahgo back
Featuring: Jonas KL Lefty Norman Phoebe Viv

2008-08-05 Basil comes back to town, and visits KL
Featuring: Basil KL

2008-04-16 Peace, of sorts, until a new kin comes to visit. And then it all goes wrong.
Featuring: Evander KL Zeke

2008-04-15 All hail the homecoming queen
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-04-14 KL drops in to see Viv, and gets an offer. And to meet the Getelephant
Featuring: Gunther KL Viv

2008-04-14 KL and Brooke on the way home.
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-10 KL and Brooke paint the town red
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-07 KL and Brooke on the Road!
Featuring: Brooke KL

2008-04-04 Frankie delivers the bows, and KL has a suggestion that (shock) Zeke disapproves of.
Featuring: Frankie KL Mel Zeke

2008-04-04 KL drops in to see Brooke about the holiday, and meets (joy) a new Glasswalker!
Featuring: Brooke KL Urick

2008-04-03 KL talks to one of her cubs
Featuring: KL Thea

2008-04-03 KL and Zeke talk to Ladon, and then the world arrives. Well, Lefty, for a serious conversation.
Featuring: KL Ladon Lefty Mel Zeke

2008-04-02 A new male kinfolk hits town. Despite KL's misgivings, he doesn't appear to want her to sleep with him.
Featuring: KL Ladon

2008-04-01 KL drops in on Alex, and gets an odd lesson.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2008-04-01 Zeke returns to the Fury House drunk, and demonstrates some smooth moves
Featuring: KL Sera Zeke

2008-03-26 The returning hero claims her reward
Featuring: KL Reggie

2008-03-18 KL says the wrong thing, Zeke pays the price. (Caution : Mild violence)
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-03-17 KL gets a present!
Featuring: Brooke KL Lefty

2008-03-12 KL interrogates a kin, then talks to Zeke
Featuring: KL Theo Zeke

2008-03-11 Matters reach some kind of head between KL and Zeke
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-03-10 KL and Zeke chat, and then entertain an inquiring guest
Featuring: KL Lefty Zeke

2008-03-06 Later that night, KL and Zeke make a temporary peace.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-03-06 Anji visits the Fury House. And then KL and Zeke start their morning routine
Featuring: Anji KL Mel Zeke

2008-03-06 The final Fury on the list...and the one most likely to thwart KL's ambitions
Featuring: Helen KL

2008-03-05 A pleasant pastoral scene in the Fury House, where KL and Zeke cheerfully discuss Basil. (Caution : Contains violence)
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-03-04 KL carries out her threat to "have a conversation" with Basil.
Featuring: Basil Chris KL Mouse

2008-03-04 Zeke tells KL about his run-in with Basil. KL decides to do something about it.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-02-28 KL runs into a Strider, in what she is now referring to as "her" meadow.
Featuring: Cristian KL

2008-02-28 KL offers Zeke a great prize
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-02-21 KL meets Zeke's putative paramour, and then a crowdscene ensues
Featuring: Chris Eleanor KL Mick Zeke

2008-02-18 KL visits the Walkerplace. And runs into Basil.
Featuring: Basil KL

2008-02-05 KL gives Zeke lovelife advice. Because she's like, so experienced.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-01-28 KL runs into a new Shadow Lord cub
Featuring: KL Viktor

2008-01-24 Morning in the Fury house. KL and Zeke shout at each other.
Featuring: KL Mel Zeke

2008-01-22 Zeke and KL chat some more
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-01-18 Zeke interrupts KL throwing a banana.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-01-15 Field Trip. Caution : Contains another great KL plan
Featuring: KL River Sera

2008-01-15 Jacob drops round to ask a favour, and ends up on paint-the-house drill
Featuring: Jacob KL

2008-01-10 Roleplaying in the Fury House.
Featuring: KL Mel Zeke

2008-01-08 KL gets into a scrape, and then discusses matters of import with a Grauniad
Featuring: Alesia KL

2008-01-07 The Battle Of KL's Ass.
Featuring: KL Lefty Melodie Zeke

2008-01-04 The Naked Now
Featuring: Alexander KL Zeke

2008-01-03 All hail the returned hero!
Featuring: KL Zeke

2008-01-02 KL drops in to Nicholson Hall, and continues to demonstrate the kind of subtlety that Ahrouns are famous for.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2007-12-30 KL gives Melodie a present, and then there are visitors!
Featuring: Alexander Helen KL Mel Myra

2007-12-28 Zeke and KL argue. KL has a headache.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2007-12-27 KL drowns her sorrows in the company of the other male Fury kin. And, behaves, well, oddly.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2007-12-27 KL and Zeke have a row, then the Fosternite Inquisition show up.
Featuring: Kaz KL Lefty Riley Zeke

2007-12-21 KL meets someone new, shouts at him and...something odd happens
Featuring: Kavi KL

2007-12-21 KL goes to a football match, and a fight breaks out. Not including her! The sneakyscouts do their things.
Featuring: Basil Chris KL Matt Mel Salee

2007-12-20 Morning chatting in the Fury house. Zeke plows his own Thoreau.
Featuring: KL Zeke

2007-12-19 More chatting with Mel. Caution : Contains *subtext*
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-12-19 KL, on a wolfy-run, encounters latest nemesis, and fails to pick a fight, so settles for witnessing a challenge.
Featuring: Cole KL Laora Zeke

2007-12-18 Furies vs Shadow Lords. KL tries to pick a fight.
Featuring: Felix KL Saul

2007-12-18 KL provides advice to Zeke. Surprisingly, this advice isn't "hit it until it stops moving".
Featuring: KL Zeke

2007-12-17 KL meets up with her pack mate and his new cub. An interruption leads to her insulting random Garou
Featuring: Adalyn Beth Cedric Chris Felix Julien KL Mick Salee Sewall

2007-12-17 KL runs into a friend in the park, then her putative boyfriend shows up. When things can't get any better, scarper, it's the pigs.
Featuring: Brooke Dre KL Nick

2007-12-16 Mel and KL chat at the house. KL reveals her sekrit mastre plan.
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-12-14 An early morning visitor to the Fury House gets a shower, and the Furies talk.
Featuring: Basil KL Mel Nike Zeke

2007-12-13 KL, behaving oddly, tries to sneak in to the Farmhouse in the morning...but runs into something like trouble.
Featuring: Brooke KL

2007-12-12 The big date... A day of firsts.
Featuring: Dre KL

2007-12-12 KL unburdens her valiant heart to Zeke
Featuring: KL Zeke

2007-12-11 A visitor to the Fury house, and then Mel and KL carry out the plan, aided by the arrival of Mel's brother.
Featuring: Dre KL Laora Mel Nike

2007-12-10 KL runs into some new people at the Farmhouse, and discovers her packmate has been wounded
Featuring: Beth Brooke Cedric KL Quentin Rick

2007-12-09 KL returns to St. Claire, and is welcomed back by a new Fury Cliath
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-07-23 More Fury chatting.
Featuring: Anji Jo KL Mel

2007-07-15 KL meets the latest Fury acquisition. Nakedness ensues.
Featuring: KL Mel Nike

2007-07-11 KL fails to recognise someone important. Two new people join HAVOC.
Featuring: Cedric KL Nike Vex

2007-07-09 KL asks Anji for some advice.
Featuring: Anji KL

2007-07-06 Pre-moot chatting between two Furies. Gifts are exchanged!
Featuring: Alesia KL

2007-06-21 KL counsels CJ, and then goes into a situation where tact, diplomacy and a level head are what's required. Oh dear.
Featuring: CJ KL

2007-06-19 Nike brings good news. And then there's a very odd discussion.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-06-18 Kevin's Birthday Party
Featuring: Basil Chris CJ Kevin KL Mick Nani

2007-06-14 KL's tidying up, when she comes face-to-somethingthatwasaface with Felix.
Featuring: Aja Felix Jacob KL

2007-06-14 Basil helps KL repair a door.
Featuring: Basil KL

2007-06-08 Calisthenics in the common room of the Safehouse. Not KL's usual workout spot, but there are reasons.
Featuring: CJ KL

2007-06-07 In the early morning, KL is talking to an old friend, when she gets to meet a fairly singular Philodox.
Featuring: Isaac KL

2007-06-05 KL goes to inspect the damage to the Farmhouse, and has some unexpected conversations...
Featuring: Basil KL Reggie

2007-06-04 It's just a Fantastic Day. Alesia and KL do some home-stylin'
Featuring: Alesia KL

2007-06-01 Alesia pays the invalided KL a visit.
Featuring: Alesia KL

2007-05-30 Meet the latest Shadow Lord. KL's opening gambit does not go down well. Surprise.
Featuring: Abraxus Felix KL Lefty

2007-05-30 More CJ-chatting.
Featuring: CJ KL

2007-05-29 KL chats to CJ, and doesn't tell her things. Very loudly.
Featuring: CJ KL

2007-05-22 Back at the Greek House, and KL and Nike talk about Lefty.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-22 KL visits the farmhouse on a morning run, and runs into an old foe.
Featuring: Basil KL

2007-05-15 KL goes to the safehouse on a hunt for Grey...and finds their new cub, with whom she has a surprising amount in common.
Featuring: CJ KL

2007-05-14 KL is reunited with the cub she has spent so long brooding about.
Featuring: Alesia KL

2007-05-11 Barn-dancing for beginners.
Featuring: Jacob KL Lefty

2007-05-10 Archery practice, and some old wounds get re-opened.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-08 A Fang with a plan and a shiny car. He leaves with the plan intact.
Featuring: Cedric KL

2007-05-08 KL is counselled by her new tribal alpha.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-08 Goodbye, old friend.
Featuring: Emma KL

2007-05-03 Help comes for KL and Emma, but from an unlikely source.
Featuring: Cedric Emma KL

2007-05-03 Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! Or Norway, or Sweden, or, like, wherever.
Featuring: Emma KL

2007-04-28 An unwelcome encounter at the Caern
Featuring: Blackriver KL

2007-04-12 Meeting the latest Fury arrival.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-04-11 Some people have gone up in the world!
Featuring: Kevin KL

2007-04-11 KL is reconciled with her pack Alpha
Featuring: Emma KL

2007-04-09 The morning after. Exercise and hot tub. No kissing.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2007-04-08 KL returns to St. Claire after a trip away, and is rescued from the airport by a knight in shining car.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2006-09-10 KL goes to give the fang to a guardian.
Featuring: KL Silvertip

2006-07-25 Kevin wants his stuff back.
Featuring: Kevin KL

2006-03-29 A new kinsman comes to the Fury House.
Featuring: Alexander KL

2006-03-07 Laura meets Vex. Ow.
Featuring: Clemency Emma KL Laura Vex

2006-02-13 Inspector Blackriver comes to investigate.
Featuring: Blackriver KL

2006-02-03 Moon Calf!
Featuring: KL Silvertip

2006-02-03 A new fury, and some unbelievably bad news.
Featuring: Alesia KL Laura

2006-02-03 KL wakes up and answers questions about the pack
Featuring: Emma KL

2006-02-03 Gun-fight at the OK Caern.
Featuring: Emma Gunnar KL

2006-01-30 Emma calls a caucus, KL turns it into a row.
Featuring: Emma Gunnar KL

2006-01-20 KL writes a letter...
Featuring: Alesia KL

2006-01-16 Cub-sitting while in pain.
Featuring: Alesia KL Sophie

2006-01-15 Phoning the boyf
Featuring: KL Kovo

2006-01-15 KL faces the music, which seems to be played gently.
Featuring: KL Leslie

2006-01-13 Cleansing goes _badly_ wrong
Featuring: Gunnar Kevin KL

2006-01-13 KL talks to Leslie
Featuring: KL Leslie

2006-01-12 KL drops in on an old friend, and finds him poorly
Featuring: Gunnar Kevin KL

2006-01-12 Another trip to the Caern. KL is a model.
Featuring: Alesia KL Sophie

2006-01-09 Emma visits, in a bit of a state.
Featuring: Emma KL

2006-01-05 Date number 2... A movie, and then dinner.
Featuring: KL Kovo

2006-01-04 Clemency comes calling
Featuring: Alesia Clemency KL

2005-12-30 Taking Alesia to the Caern
Featuring: Alesia KL

2005-12-29 KL does flower arranging, with rather more help than she'd expected.
Featuring: Alesia KL Sophie

2005-12-28 KL...on a date?
Featuring: KL Kovo

2005-12-27 KL delivers a present to the farmhouse.
Featuring: KL Sophie

2005-12-26 KL makes a phone call, which unfortunately gets overheard.
Featuring: Alesia KL Kovo

2005-12-26 Boxing Day, Fury House. Beware of Ahrouns bearing gifts.
Featuring: Alesia KL

2005-12-21 *Because goodbye is the hardest word*
Featuring: Emma Gunnar KL

2005-12-20 A conversation is disturbed by kin bringing news.
Featuring: Alesia Anji KL

2005-12-19 Sophie drops by the Fury house to see Alesia.
Featuring: Alesia KL Sophie

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