Logs for Lefty

2009-03-22 KL, Viv, and some potential new recruits go to get Ferahgo back
Featuring: Jonas KL Lefty Norman Phoebe Viv

2008-04-03 KL and Zeke talk to Ladon, and then the world arrives. Well, Lefty, for a serious conversation.
Featuring: KL Ladon Lefty Mel Zeke

2008-03-17 KL gets a present!
Featuring: Brooke KL Lefty

2008-03-10 KL and Zeke chat, and then entertain an inquiring guest
Featuring: KL Lefty Zeke

2008-01-07 The Battle Of KL's Ass.
Featuring: KL Lefty Melodie Zeke

2007-12-27 KL and Zeke have a row, then the Fosternite Inquisition show up.
Featuring: Kaz KL Lefty Riley Zeke

2007-05-30 Meet the latest Shadow Lord. KL's opening gambit does not go down well. Surprise.
Featuring: Abraxus Felix KL Lefty

2007-05-11 Barn-dancing for beginners.
Featuring: Jacob KL Lefty

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