Logs for Mel

2008-04-04 Frankie delivers the bows, and KL has a suggestion that (shock) Zeke disapproves of.
Featuring: Frankie KL Mel Zeke

2008-04-03 KL and Zeke talk to Ladon, and then the world arrives. Well, Lefty, for a serious conversation.
Featuring: KL Ladon Lefty Mel Zeke

2008-03-06 Anji visits the Fury House. And then KL and Zeke start their morning routine
Featuring: Anji KL Mel Zeke

2008-01-24 Morning in the Fury house. KL and Zeke shout at each other.
Featuring: KL Mel Zeke

2008-01-10 Roleplaying in the Fury House.
Featuring: KL Mel Zeke

2007-12-30 KL gives Melodie a present, and then there are visitors!
Featuring: Alexander Helen KL Mel Myra

2007-12-21 KL goes to a football match, and a fight breaks out. Not including her! The sneakyscouts do their things.
Featuring: Basil Chris KL Matt Mel Salee

2007-12-19 More chatting with Mel. Caution : Contains *subtext*
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-12-16 Mel and KL chat at the house. KL reveals her sekrit mastre plan.
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-12-14 An early morning visitor to the Fury House gets a shower, and the Furies talk.
Featuring: Basil KL Mel Nike Zeke

2007-12-11 A visitor to the Fury house, and then Mel and KL carry out the plan, aided by the arrival of Mel's brother.
Featuring: Dre KL Laora Mel Nike

2007-12-09 KL returns to St. Claire, and is welcomed back by a new Fury Cliath
Featuring: KL Mel

2007-07-23 More Fury chatting.
Featuring: Anji Jo KL Mel

2007-07-15 KL meets the latest Fury acquisition. Nakedness ensues.
Featuring: KL Mel Nike

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