Logs for Nike

2007-12-14 An early morning visitor to the Fury House gets a shower, and the Furies talk.
Featuring: Basil KL Mel Nike Zeke

2007-12-11 A visitor to the Fury house, and then Mel and KL carry out the plan, aided by the arrival of Mel's brother.
Featuring: Dre KL Laora Mel Nike

2007-07-15 KL meets the latest Fury acquisition. Nakedness ensues.
Featuring: KL Mel Nike

2007-07-11 KL fails to recognise someone important. Two new people join HAVOC.
Featuring: Cedric KL Nike Vex

2007-06-19 Nike brings good news. And then there's a very odd discussion.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-22 Back at the Greek House, and KL and Nike talk about Lefty.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-10 Archery practice, and some old wounds get re-opened.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-05-08 KL is counselled by her new tribal alpha.
Featuring: KL Nike

2007-04-12 Meeting the latest Fury arrival.
Featuring: KL Nike

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