KL has an attitude of dissatisfaction with the world in general, and it might be thought that she doesn't like anyone. This isn't true, however, she just doesn't like most people. She's less interested in the great quests of the Garou than she is in belonging. Unfortunately, she's unable to articulate that very well, or break down the defensive wall of contempt that she built up over a number of years. 

She can come across as arrogant, but she has a degree of respect (beaten in to her) for Garou society and fits in better there than she does elsewhere. She's more committed to the Black Furies than she is to the Black Furies' causes (in a similar way that she's more committed to the Garou than she is to the fight against the Wyrm). She's pretty opposed to her father, but the much of the abuse and mistreatment that the Furies fight against is largely beyond her experience. However, she supports her tribe mates because she craves their respect, acceptance and love, even if she isn't fired by the same fires as are many of them. 

Woe betide any male who causes her trouble, though. She still hasn't entirely forgiven the cardboard buildings incident.